Friday, March 31, 2017

MLB predictions 2017: Our World Series picks, standings and award winners

Ahh yes, baseball season. It’s the perfect time to get outside, eat some sunflower seeds, fuss with your fantasy roster and, of course, make some predictions about what’s going to happen seven months from now.
As we do every year, the Yahoo Sports MLB crew has delivered its predictions for the season ahead. And we’re predicting it all: World Series winners, division winners, standings, MVPs, Cy Youngs, breakout players and we’re tossing in a few fun topics for those of you who love watching Bartolo Colon hit dingers and watching Tim Tebow’s batting average in the minors.
Our 2017 predictions are led by Yahoo’s MLB experts Tim Brown and Jeff Passan, plus your Big League Stew bloggers, Chris Cwik, Mike Oz, Liz Roscher and Mark Townsend. The regular season is long and full of twists and surprises so that makes predicting baseball even tougher. We’re still pretty confident in our picks, though. And if doing this every year has taught one thing, it’s that you, our kind and thankful readers, will remind us if we get something wrong.

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